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Rules and Submission Guidelines

1. The Festival is not competitive and do not award prizes to its participants.

2. The works that are allowed must answer to all following conditions :

a. Be a film, an audio documentary, or un animated films conceived as a documentary or "documentary oriented". Corporate or institutional films, reports, magazine topics or media coverages won't be accepted. The works of pure fiction are not admitted.

b. Be a work of creation in which the point of view and treatment issues are raised as much as the questions regarding the subject. Corporate or institutional films, reports, investigation films, magazine topics or promotional films are not accepted.

c. Be a work that has been completed during the time of the director’s studies (university, college, high school, workshops).

d. Do not be a work already sent to the previous editions of the Festival.

e. Subtitles : non-French speaking films must be subtitled in French or English.

Attention please: English speaking films must be subtitled as well: preferably in French, if it is not possible, then, in English.

In case your film is selected, you must be able to send us a dialogue list WITH TIMECODE: srt, stl, stp, txt...

For further information, please contact us: lesimpatientes@lesimpatientes.org.

NB: there is no restriction of directing date, playing time, subject, original support, director’s nationality or production’s country.

3. The submission must be done by filling-in the submission form available on the Festival website. The following material must be sent :

a. Two DVD copies (or Cds for sound works) in different pockets. Please test your copies on a domestic DVD/CD player before sending it. The following information must be mentioned on the DVD/CD itself:

Ratio 16:9 or 4:3
Copy 1 or 2


b. By e-mail to fide@lesimpatientes.org. The message’s subject must be the film’s title.

- one director’s photo: director’s name.jpg
- one or several photos of the film: film’s title1.jpg, film’s title2.jpg

Nb : to avoid wastefulness it is better not to print the submission form.

4. Submissions and sending of the DVDs/Cds must be done between 1st December 2010 and 1st March 2011. A submission is valid once aknowledging good receipt of the copies. The official portfolio deposit date is the one of the postmark.

Copies must be sent to :

Association Les Impatientes

Attn Flavia Tavares
8 avenue des Tilleuls
93300 Aubervilliers

Important : thanks to mention on the pack  « No commercial value. For cultural purposes only ».

5. The final decision about the selection will be published on the Festival website and sent by mail to the directors.

6. The DVD and CD will not be sent back.

7. All films selected for the Festival will remain available on DVD support free of rights for the members of the association Les Impatientes, within the permanent video collection settled in the association’s main office.

8. The Festival reserves the right of a free use of the films for screenings linked with the Festival, in the non-commercial channel, during 12 months after the Festival. The copyright holders will be informed previously about the screenings places and dates.

9. The Festival reserves the right of presenting films extracts of less than 3 minutes and maximum 10% of the total film’s playing time on the Internet or any other broadcasting way.

10. Information about the film and the director may be published on the website and on any document communicating about the Festival.

11. Rights owners must have settled all issues related to copyright, subsidiary rights and image copyright.

12. Submitting a work implies aknowledgement of the present rules.



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